Learn to Print -
Ages 4 & up

Designed to develop and improve handwriting skills

Alphabet is highlighted across the top of each page

Preschoolers form letters by following arrows

Illustrations associate letters with sounds

Writing readiness practice pages

Lessons teach: Basic strokes for letter combinations - Name Letters - Write words - Write sentences

Fun Games: Matching games - Dot-to-Dot - Fill in the blank

Available in bilingual version.

Item # 8003

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Learn Time -
Ages 5 & up

Features: Drawing hands on clock face, writing time in hours and seconds

Lessons teach: 60 Seconds - 60 Minutes - One Hour - One Half Hour - One Quarter Hour

Activities teach: Past/Present/Future - Sequence - Patterns - Equal Parts - Comparing time - AM/PM

Fun Games: Draw your own clock - Terrific Times time maze - Space adventure - incorporates math skills and time concepts

Item # 8006

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Learn to Write Numbers -
Ages 3 & up

Write numbers using four food shapes: Candy Stick - Carrot - Corn - Donut

Lessons teach: Shape & number recognition - Counting & basic math skills - Writing numbers 1-100 - Number names - Telephone numbers - Calendar dates - Printed, Cursive and Digital numbers

Fun Games: Tic-Tac-Toe - Matching games

Item # 8701

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Learn Handwriting -
Ages 7 & up

Simplifies cursive alphabet to five easy strokes based on animal shapes

Start and stop guide lines with directional arrows

Writing readiness basics

Lessons teach: Directions - Letter connections - Stroke sequence - Proper spacing

Fun games: Find the hidden letters-Matching games

Item # 8005

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Get in Shape to Write -
Ages 3 & up

Teaches penmanship, neglected in the Computer Age.

Gives parents an opportunity to evaluate if their child is ready for school and has the necessary skills to learn to write from the comfort of one's own home.

Provides each child with the ability and confidence they need to be successful in school. Each page takes the child through an imaginative adventure while having fun with textures drawing shapes and games.

Designed to serve as a diagnostic tool for identification of problem areas which might otherwise go unnoticed.

Includes 2 washable Crayola crayons.

Step by step instructions with directional arrows.

Item # 98010

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