Pen Notes books make learning fun!

Pen Notes was created almost 20 years ago, born out of a need to help my students learn. I started with a plastic card for addressing envelopes with Calligraphy handwriting styles. The plastic cards (called templates) and calligraphy kits in "Italic and Copperplate Script" became very popular, and are still available from our company.

Soon afterwards, I was asked to develop a series of educational, fun workbooks for young children. I worked with several teachers, occupational therapists, and reading specialists to provide educationally sound information for the parents and teachers who were to use these books. The ages between preschool and elementary school are the most exciting time for children to learn; they are naturally motivated, and their minds need to be exposed to the hands-on experience our books provide.

From personal experience I find these books invaluable. As a parent of a 4 year-old at the time I designed the "Learn to Print" book, you can imagine my concern when he had difficulty following the lines. My son was evaluated by a doctor, diagnosed with a depth perception problem and after several sessions with an occupational therapist he was on target and learning to write. If it had not been for my own book, we never would have learned of my son's problem before it was too late to correct. As our product line and reputation grew, we included other books, including "Learn To Write Numbers", "Learn Time", and "Learn Handwriting".

We have received many letters from parents, grandparents, and teachers around the world, both overseas and home in the USA, telling us about their children's success with our books. We are proud of our accomplishments as a company, but even prouder of every child who grows up learning to print, write, count, or tell time using a Pen Notes book.

I personally guarantee that the instructions and concepts in our books can be used with ANY writing style in the country. Although many methods are used in the various school districts, all children can benefit from using the Pen Notes books prior to or in conjunction with school programs.

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                                                              Lorette Konezny, President
                                            Pen Notes, Inc.


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