Refill Pencils for Books:
Refill Pencils for Books
  • Learn Handwriting
  • Learn to Print (English)
  • Learn to Print (Bilingual: English and Spanish)
  • Learn to Write Numbers
  • Learn Time
  • Get in Shape to Write

Refill Pencils in colors
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Blue item # 5608141
Red item # 5608140
Yellow item # 5608144
Black item # 5608146
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  • Pencil
Wipes off easily with a damp cloth
Colors available: Blue, Red, Green
  • Crayola Growing Kid's Crayons
Washable large crayons
The right size and durability for growing hands
Classic assortment of colors
  • Pencil Pillows
Soft touch for tired fingers!
These pillows slide easily onto pens, pencils and art & craft tools for a soft grip.
6 pencil pillows per pack in assorted colors and diameters


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